World Zakat Forum Goes to New York

The World Zakah Forum (WZF) came into existence as an outcome of deliberations at an international conference held in in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 28 September to 2 October 2010. The theme for the Forum was to strengthen the role of zakat in realizing the welfare of the Ummah through international zakat network. Participants included zakat management organizations, Islamic organizations, universities, national zakat organizations, research centers from various countries around the world. I had the privilege of participating in this event and being invited by the organizers to be a member of the Working Group constituted to take the WZF forward. Since 2010, WZF has been quite proactive in conducting many path-breaking programs and activities aimed at strengthening the global zakat sector.

It is now heartening to note that WZF is organizing an international conference in the New York City, United States of America, during May 28-29, 2014. The theme of the conference is Zakat for Global Welfare. Participants are expected to include regulators, zakat institutions, academicians, councils of Ulama, and other relevant stakeholders. Zakat experts and observers are also invited to submit their papers, either theoretical, empirical or policy papers, for presentation at the conference. It is expected that this conference will produce recommendations that can benefit the entire Ummah. Theoretical, empirical and policy papers using English language are invited to be submitted to the conference. The papers should be in line with, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:

  • Standardization of good amil governance
  • Best practice of zakat collection and distribution
  • Zakat development in the Muslim minority countries
  • Optimization of information technology for zakat development
  • Standardization of the criteria for zakat distribution and utilization programs
  • Strategy for zakat-based poverty reduction programs
  • Policy and regulatory framework for zakat management
  • Standardization of zakat management

Access a copy of the resolution to establish the World Zakat Forum here in Arabic (


After having thorough discussion and after carefully observing all the paper presentations, comments and inputs given by delegates and participants of the World Zakat Forum, which was held on September 28 – 30, 2010 at Hotel Inna Garuda, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we, the delegates and participants of the World Zakat Forum, have reached our agreement on the following resolutions:

1. The World Zakat Forum will be organized as a forum to meet, discuss and share all zakat-related matters at world level, which is opened to the state/government delegation, government zakat organization, non-govermental zakat organization, academicians, ulama, and other stake holders, at least once in three years.
2. To simplify management of the Forum, a World Zakat Forum Board Member comprising representatives of founding countries and other appointed parties, will be established, along with a World Zakat Forum Working Group, which acts as secretariat of the Forum consists of representatives of the countries that will devote themselves to manage the activities of the secretariat. The list of founding members and working group members as attached.
3. The role and the existence of the International Zakat Organization (IZO) is strongly supported and the need to have mutual cooperation with the organization for the benefit of the ummah.
4. The World Zakat Forum Working Group will decide the venue and the agenda of the 2nd World Zakat Forum.
5. The World Zakat Forum Working Group is assigned to prepare the programmes and to expand cooperation with all zakat stakeholders.
6. Contribution of the founders and the participants of the World Zakat Forum will be used as initial source of fund.
7. Prof Dr KH Didin Hafidhuddin is appointed as the first Secretary General of the World Zakat Forum until the organization of the next Forum.
8. Calling all muslim countries to accommodate and implement the policy of zakat as tax credit.

Yogyakarta, September 30, 2010
(signed by founders)

World Zakat Forum Working Group:

General Secretary : Prof. DR. KH. Didin Hafidhudin M.Si
Members of WZF Working Group :

  1. Ahmad Juwaini, SE. MM
  2. Teten Kustiawan, Ak
  3. Sri Adi Bramasetia, S.Kom
  4. Dr. Ahmad Muklis Yusuf
  5. Arifin Purwakananta SI.Kom
  6. Ir. Nana Mintarti, MP
  7. Deddy Wahyudi, SP. MM
  8. Irfan Syauqi Beik, Ph. D
  9. Bobby Herwibowo, L
  10. Prof. Madya. Dr. Abd. Halim Muhd. Noor
  11. Hj. Mohd. Rais Hj Alias
  12. Amran Bin Hazali
  13. Dr. Mohamed Obaidullah

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