World Zakat Forum 2018 Emphasizes on Accountability

The World Zakat Forum International Conference Melaka Resolution 2018

A Call to Strengthen Global Zakat Cooperation

As a global zakat movement platform, World Zakat Forum (WZF) has a role to improve accountability of zakat management and cooperation in the effort to increase the welfare of Ummah, including combating poverty. Therefore, with the grace of Allah, the WZF conducted the 7th World Zakat Forum International Conference 2018 from 5th to 6th December 2018 with the theme: “Strengthening Global Zakat Cooperation in Increasing the Welfare of the Ummah” at the Hotel Equatorial, Melaka, Malaysia.

The Conference discussed various contemporary and updated topics on global zakat development. Those include, but are not limited to: (i) Zakat and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals); (ii) Zakat Cooperation among Countries; (iii) Strengthening the Role of the World Zakat Forum; and (iv) Good Amil Governance and Improvement of Transparency and Accountability of Zakat Institutions. The Conference also noted the growing role of zakat in solving global poverty and inequality, and proposed new approaches utilizing the third pillar of Islam.

Based on the two-day discussions, the WZF resolves as follows:

1. The philosophy and core values of zakat should be strictly observed in increasing the welfare of Ummah.

2. Zakat should be considered as a complementary financial resource in the achievement of SDGs.

3. The role of zakat in combating poverty and advancing social inclusion shall be promoted.

4. The WZF calls on all its members to adopt zakat as a critical policy instrument in socio-economic development in their respective countries.

5. WZF urges all members to adopt:
a) The “Zakat Core Principles (ZCP)” to improve the quality of zakat management.
b) The principles of “Risk Management on Zakat Institution (RMZI)”.
c) The principles of “Good Amil Governance on Zakat Management (GAGZM)”.

6. All WZF Members are required to be transparent and accountable in publishing their reports to the public.

7. Stronger cooperation and networking among WZF members are highly encouraged.

8. Strengthening the capacity of Zakat Management Organizations (ZMO) in Muslim minority countries is highly encouraged.

9. The WZF members express condolences to the victims of the natural disaster in West Nusa Tenggara and Central Sulawesi of Indonesia, and compassion to the victims of social conflicts like the Rohingyas, the Palestinians and other similar communities of the world. The WZF calls for collective actions to recover and rehabilitate the affected people.

10. The Conference calls on all Muslim countries, including members of the OIC, and zakat organizations in Muslim minority countries to join the WZF.

11. The WZF reiterates its willingness to cooperate with developing countries in combating poverty through blended financing of zakat and donation of the respective developing countries.

May Allah SWT bless our endeavors in upholding global zakat movement for better future of the Ummah.

Melaka, 6 December 2018
The World Zakat Forum

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